Littlefinger’s Brothel Back for S5

Well, isn’t that exciting?! We haven’t seen the inside of Littlefinger’s brothel in like, what, two seasons? I can’t remember exactly but does that mean Littlefinger is coming back to King’s Landing? Hmmm….we can speculate below together… quoted the show’s official behind-the-scenes blog and this is what they had to say:

Today we are shooting at our faithful brothel. Set discussions involve how many “naughties” should be arrayed across a couch versus how many on the floor. And whether we shouldn’t see some period-appropriate prophylactics on hand (in a manner of speaking). Namely, sheep bladders or sheepskin sheaths. Sadly, our props department doesn’t keep any of those in stock. Seriously…we asked.

Haha, well isn’t that….something? This might not necessarily mean Littlefinger is headed back to King’s Landing but the speculation is there. Furthermore, if he does return….does Sansa go with him or does she go on her own path? To be quite honest, even though it seems she may have changed her look, I still believe she would be fairly noticeable in King’s Landing…don’t you agree? I think it’ll be great to see the brothel again but what we will be seeing is a completely different subject 🙂

You can check out the article HERE, however it is relatively small and you have to scroll down quite a bit before finding the info on GoT.