Littlefinger’s Brothel Back for S5

Well, isn’t that exciting?! We haven’t seen the inside of Littlefinger’s brothel in like, what, two seasons? I can’t remember exactly but does that mean Littlefinger is coming back to King’s Landing? Hmmm….we can speculate below together… quoted the show’s official behind-the-scenes blog and this is what they had to say:

Today we are shooting at our faithful brothel. Set discussions involve how many “naughties” should be arrayed across a couch versus how many on the floor. And whether we shouldn’t see some period-appropriate prophylactics on hand (in a manner of speaking). Namely, sheep bladders or sheepskin sheaths. Sadly, our props department doesn’t keep any of those in stock. Seriously…we asked.

Haha, well isn’t that….something? This might not necessarily mean Littlefinger is headed back to King’s Landing but the speculation is there. Furthermore, if he does return….does Sansa go with him or does she go on her own path? To be quite honest, even though it seems she may have changed her look, I still believe she would be fairly noticeable in King’s Landing…don’t you agree? I think it’ll be great to see the brothel again but what we will be seeing is a completely different subject 🙂

You can check out the article HERE, however it is relatively small and you have to scroll down quite a bit before finding the info on GoT.

Lena Headey films Cersei’s ‘Walk of Shame’ but not really….

So, there are SPOILERS in this article. I do apologize but this is everywhere if you are keeping up with the show.

In recent months, there was some controversy when it came to filming this scene. Apparently Cersei walks from the Sept of Baelor which is technically a church. The city of Dubrovnik originally denied them access to filming this scene inside their church. However, they changed their mind and said she could film the scene through the city and on the steps of the church but she couldn’t step foot naked inside the church. The set coordinators are creating a church set on a sound stage where she will start there and then they will incorporate the other scenes of her walking through the city with that. Basically a mesh of the two scenes.

Apparently this past week, Lena officially finished filming for this scene.

According to dailymail:

Lena was filming the famous ‘walk of shame’ scene which sees the manipulative queen stripped naked and forced to endure the humiliation and wrath of the common people as she navigates her way through the streets of King’s Landing. 


As we can see from this photo, Cersei’s long flowing hair is gone and she is nude while covered in blood and dirt.

However, it is now led to believe that the woman you see above is not Lena Headey but instead a body double.

According to techtimes:

The actress reportedly vetoed any and all nude scenes. Instead, Headey will be filmed from the shoulders up in the scene, with a body double providing the rest. 

Now, I’m not complaining. That is totally fine. I’m just excited to see the scene and what it means for Cersei.

You can further read about the filming of the scene and why the scene is taking place here

You can also view the second article that speaks about the problems that came with trying to film that scene and how Lena requested a body double here (I’m sure this article gives a better description in explaining the difficulties with filming this scene than I did haha).

New photos of King’s Landing sets

New photos have arrived from the set of King’s Landing and they look wonderful!

So, first off, we have this lovely photo of Lena Headey who portrays the lovely Cersei Lannister


Awesome! I love the detail on the dress and the Apple iPhone sitting in her lap…so modern haha. Also, from what I gather, that isn’t a ‘peace’ sign. That is actually how people from her country flip people off….I always thought the middle finger was the universal way but apparently not. Not so awesome now is it? Yes it is!

On to set photos! I won’t include them all because I want you to check them out for yourself but I’ll include some of my favorites 🙂

SNTday822 SNTday85 SNTday84

I thought these were very nice! I like props! Seems like these are for the marketplace in King’s Landing. It appears there will be a lot of marketplace scenes this season. What do you guys think?

Head on over and check out the article and look at the photos I didn’t include. Is anyone else getting excited for season 5 or is it just me?

Filming Continues for King’s Landing

There isn’t much going on as far as the article goes, what we know is that filming for King’s Landing is underway and we have been given an exclusive look to the filming (especially a scene between Cersei and Tommen which looks interesting but I’ll let you decide).

With the Lannister family dwindling down in King’s Landing, Cersei has more than likely positioned herself as Queen Bee again and is doing her best to influence our new King (Tommen). What do you guys think?


Seems as if Tommen really has something to say to his Mother of Madness, don’t you think? This could also still be a rehearsal seeing as Lena Headey still has clips in her hair. Who really knows right now but it sure is awesome!

Anywho, here is a link to the article. The pictures are amazing, by the way! They are really up close so you can really tell what’s going on. Enjoy!

Also, here is another link that provides more photos inside the filming in King’s Landing and this particular scene between Cersei and Tommen.