GoT 30 Day Challenge (Day 30)

So we have reached the end of this 30 day challenge and now, I feel weird. This was a lot of fun, I will definitely have to do another one. What do you guys think? Anywho, on to day 30

Day 30: Favorite book/episode

I do not have a favorite book, I haven’t finished reading them…instead, I am just trekking slowly through them. However, I do have a favorite episode…or two.

My all-time favorite episode is season 2, episode 9 ‘Blackwater’. It is such a visually fantastically done episode and the King’s Landing story line is awesome. But, how about that wildfire? Oh, that is the coolest scene! I think that is the scene that made me love the episode so much…I definitely wasn’t expecting a massive explosion such as that but it was so well done that I often find myself just rewatching that episode.

But, with the recent season coming to an end, I have another favorite…not my all-time but it is definitely my second favorite: season 4, episode 2 ‘The Lion and the Rose’. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking… could I like that episode when my favorite character dies? Good question….the episode saddens me greatly but I think the actor did PHENOMENAL! He really let his final performance on the show be one of the best. Joffrey was just so…….well, Joffrey in that episode but I loved it….okay, I didn’t approve but it was just amazing….I also seem to find myself watching that episode every now and again…I guess I like to torture myself with character death haha

Gosh, I remember when this promo aired on tv…I freaked! Good times….good times….

Anywho, that wraps up this 30 day challenge. I’ll start the next one within a few days…if you want to check it out, you can look at it here

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GoT 30 Day Challenge (Day 29)

Only one more day! I’ll post the final one tomorrow and then it’s off to find another challenge! Woooo!

Day 29: Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones

I would say Game of Thrones. I mean, I love Lord of the Rings, I really do. It has such a great story and the cast is amazing BUT, I feel like I connect more with the characters in Game of Thrones. It is also my current addiction so it makes sense 🙂

Anyone find Lord of the Rings more appealing? I’m curious 😛

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GoT 30 Day Challenge (Day 28)

Day 28: Give some advice to one of the characters

When I did this on tumblr, Joffrey was still alive so I mainly focused on him. I would advise him to calm down! Or you keep saying “I am the King” but I don’t think it means what you think it meansI also spent a lot time watching the show thinking you are really scary sometimes. Stop? 

But, alas, he is no longer with us so I’ll focus on my dear Sansa. I would advise her to be strong and confident. I would also tell her even though not everyone can be trusted, there is always someone. 

I’m sorry but did you catch her final scene in season 4? Shall we go? Oh, so badass! Can’t wait till season 5!

What advice would you give to a character or even your favorite?

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GoT 30 Day Challenge (Day 27)

Day 27: Top 5 favorite characters

Oooooohhhhhh….love this question! Let’s do it!

1) Joffrey Baratheon

2) Sansa Stark

3) Tyrion Lannister

and then this is where it gets complicated….who else would I consider a “favorite”?

4) Jaime Lannister

5) Ramsay Bolton – He’s legit now! haha.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking…it started off bad and then ended bad…how nice of me. I’ll explain, my top 3 are a given. I’ve said over and over how much I love these three so it should come as no surprise…as for the last two, here we go. I like the new Jaime, the one that I can understand because, let’s face it, I hated him in the first season after he shoved Bran from the window in Winterfell…I mean, who does that?! But, I feel after he met Brienne, things have changed and I love it…I also love their relationship. I’d ship it 😛 Now, as for Ramsay…this is where I really have to explain…I’m not sympathetic of him, I’m really not. He gets what he deserves but I am fascinated with his story line. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’m not a fan of Theon…who knows but the actor who plays Ramsay is phenomenal so blame him haha 🙂

I guess I just have a strong like for villains…I don’t know how else to explain it

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GoT 30 Day Challenge (Day 26)

I’m really behind again. I do apologize, I’ve had two papers and a group project to work on PLUS, I’ve been sick…came down with a sinus infection last week…awesome. It’s starting to clear up but with every sickness, I manage to get a headache everyday and when there is a headache, I do next to no work sooooo here we are….having to catch up on 3 days of 30 day challenge posts and all of my RSS feed posts. Let’s do it! 🙂

Day 26: Give yourself a GoT inspired name.

Okay, so this is always weird just because everyone has their own interpretation of the show and what they want out of it. Have you guys ever played the Game of Thrones Ascent game on facebook? You can also get it for your phone and tablet. I played that a while ago and I looked at some of the names and most people just create a really cool first name and take a last name that is already on the show (i.e. Targaryen, Stark, etc)…you get the idea. I for some reason never did that, I took a step further by creating her first and last name and I even created a back story BUT that is not what the question is asking haha.

Anywho, I created the name Natalia Daven. It’s a simplistic first name and I can honestly say I have no idea how I came up with the name, I just did. What do you think? 😛

If you were on GoT, what would your name be? Don’t be scared to be creative 🙂

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GoT 30 Day Challenge (Day 25)

Only five days left!

Day 25: What character’s death would you be okay with?

Hmmmm….tough one. Most of the baddies have been killed off so it’s hard to really choose now….

I mean, I would like to see Walder Frey pass on just because of the red wedding massacre…he shouldn’t be allowed to get away with that!

Also, Melisandre could disappear and I would be okay with that….I don’t trust her. I think that Lord of Light message she spews to everyone is fake but only time will tell…..

I also wouldn’t mind…and I hate to say it…but if Jon Snow died, I wouldn’t freak out. His story line bores me so much and I just don’t find him all that interesting….plus, I heard that in the last book (Dance with Dragons, I believe), he is kind of a tool so it just really adds to it…..

What about you guys? Who would you like to see killed off?

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GoT 30 Day Challenge (Day 24)

Day 24: Who would you like to see battle it out?

Good question. Really.

At one point, I would have loved to see Arya and Joffrey battle it out….would have been awesome but that can no longer happen sooooo…..
hmmmm, this is a tough one. It would be fun to see Daenerys sack King’s Landing and battle it out with Cersei or even Sansa coming back and battling it out with Cersei for all the lies she told her… that would be cool….to me anyway. Hahaha

Who would you like to see battle it out?

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GoT 30 Day Challenge (Day 23)

Day 23: Tyrion, Cersei, Jaime: Marry, fuck, throw off a cliff – what would you do?

Hahaha..interesting. Well…let’s see….I would marry Tyrion because it is probably the safest bet. He’s also awesome and very courteous so it would be great. I would…..sleep with Jaime just because it would be fun to screw with Cersei and take it all away from her lol. And, I would throw Cersei off a cliff, I like her for the most part but she has some serious problems so yeah, this is what I would do. It sounds really odd when you think about it but yeah, I’m not going back now haha

What about you guys? What order would you put them in?

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GoT 30 Day Challenge (Day 22)

Day 22: Make a graphic of your favorite ship

Okay, so I’m still learning how to layer pictures in order to do this so I don’t really have a graphic yet of my favorite ship but I do have this….


I thought this was beautiful and I am nowhere near close to making edits like this sooooo….all I have been able to make so far is….


I know…it kind of sucks…I’m still learning but what do you guys think? It’s simplistic…yes?

Also, in case you hadn’t realized, my favorite ship is Joffrey and Sansa…I’m still working on trying to get an awesome edit going for them….

UPDATE: I created a new image….it’s still not that great but it took a lot time. Layer masking is very hard! Ugh…anyway, here it is!


This was so hard to do! Oh my gosh! First time attempt didn’t turn out to bad. Also, if you can’t read it, I apologize but it says, ‘I let you under my skin because I love living innocent’. It’s a lyric to the song ‘Ghost’ by Ella Henderson…check it out, awesome song!

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GoT 30 Day Challenge (Day 21)

I am really late with these posts! I had this huge paper I had to write and a group project to work on and I do apologize if I’ve neglected for too long but I’m going to catch up on the challenge posts today and I also have some awesome GoT based news that I’ll be posting on within the next few days…there is a lot…I probably can’t do it all in one day.

Anywho, here is Day 21: Link to a GoT-based blog

Okay, so I follow sooooo many GoT blogs on tumblr so I’m going to link you to a few that are amazing and you should totally check them out!

fuckyestyrion – this is a blog obviously dedicated to Tyrion Lannister and it is awesome!
fuckyeahsansastark – a blog dedicated to Sansa Stark (equally as awesome)
gifsgot  – this blog takes scenes from the show and puts them into gif form which is really awesome for me because I LOVE gifs! haha
wicnet – this blog is actually where I get a lot of my news from because they also have their own official website and they are OFFICIAL!
gameofthronesdaily – this is basically exactly what it says….all GoT, all the time 🙂
fuckyeahgameofthrones – a blog dedicated to this wonderful show!
flawlessirishprince – so this is blog is a bit different. It is dedicated to the actor Jack Gleeson who portrayed our lovely Joffrey Baratheon (explains why I love it so much). But, it talks about Jack directly and everything he has been up to since before Game of Thrones and after if they can manage to find it. Ever since leaving the show, he has seemed to gone into hiding which is how own business but this blog provides a way for you to continue being a fan of Jack and the character he played (which is perfect for me)

But, check out these blogs, they are AMAZING! I promise!

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