Maisie Williams Certain to be Cast in ‘The Last of Us’ Film


The Last of Us was one of the most critically acclaimed video games of 2013 due to its relationship-centered post-apocalyptic story. Due to its immense popularity, it was almost destined to be a feature film. Director/Producer Sam Raimi who was involved in Spiderman and Evil Dead 2 has already been attached but a script has not full come into play.

However, for the longest time, many fans have been associating Maisie Williams to be cast as Ellie, the teenage protagonist.

According to IGN:

As far as [Maisie is] concerned, ‘it’s looking like, ‘yes’

Now, that is not a whole lot to go on but Sam Raimi and game director Neil Druckmann wanted her to moderate a panel at Comic Con for it. She ended up not doing it but she does still feel attached to the project.

Here’s a quick little bit about Ellie if you’ve never played the game:

Ellie is a teenaged girl in the Boston area who is exposed to the zombie plague but, for the first time that anyone knows, she doesn’t get turned. She joins with an older man, Joel, who protects her on a journey across the country to meet a group who believes that can use Ellie to cure the zombie plague. 

Ellie really is an interesting character and the voice actor, Ashley Johnson, actually recommended Maisie for the role if there was to be a film adaptation. Only thing is that Ellie does have a somewhat strictly American accent whereas Maisie does not so this would give her an opportunity to show us what she can do.

I played part of the game and it was quite interesting and rather sad but the storyline is fantastic! I think Maisie would be great for the role of Ellie even the character does look a lot like Ellen Page. But, what do you guys think? Maisie as Ellie: yes or no?

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