Natalie Dormer Hit the Brakes for a Certain ‘Seduction’ Scene in S4


We all love a good seduction especially if it’s on Game of Thrones. However, Natalie Dormer (a.k.a. Margaery Tyrell) said she had to hit the brakes a bit for a certain scene she would be doing with Dean-Charles Chapman who portrays the young and naive King Tommen.

We all remember the chaos that was season 4 of Game of Thrones but remember the scene where Margaery visited the young king in the late hours of the night to ‘chat’ and ‘further get to know each other’? You remember! Ser Pounce was there and she left him after giving him a kiss on the forehead….it was real awkward….I know you remember! Well, that was the scene that was apparently ‘toned’ down for the show.

Natalie Dormer expressed:

The scene was altered because I phoned Dan and David and said, ‘I’m not comfortable doing this.’ George R.R. Martin wrote a particular plot line, so on the specifics of Margaery and Tommen getting married, there’s nothing I can do. On the show, we had to find a way to navigate that in a sensitive way. There’s more of it next season too, and we’re trying to handle it with intelligence and integrity. 

As far as the characters go, Tommen is aged to be 13 and I believe Margaery is set at 16 so that’s not entirely too weird when you look at all of the other arranged marriages that have appeared on the show BUT, at the same time, the actor is only 17 years old where Natalie is actually 32 so now we can all see how awkward it may be. Completely understandable!

I won’t revel too many specifics as to what is in store for Margaery and Tommen next season, I’ll let you check out the full article HERE for that. But, what is good is that D&D were very kind to work the scene out to make it less awkward for Dormer. +1 for them as producers! What does everyone else think? Are you glad they changed the scene or were you hoping for a little awkwardness as you watched?


What’s Coming for Margaery Tyrell is S5?


Filming is still going on for the upcoming season and from what we have heard, the women on the show have had some interesting scenes especially Ms. Lena Headey who just wrapped up her ‘walk of shame’ a week or so ago. However, now Natalie Dormer who portrays the mischievous Margaery Tyrell has her own interesting scenes to film.

As we all remember from S4, she had married the King but plans did not go accordingly and their marriage was never consummated…poor her. However, she has officially moved on to the nicer and much younger brother who is actually only 12 in the series (show not books).

Natalie Dormer spoke with E! Online and said:

Margaery is just trying to play the next, you know, round of cards with the ones she’s been dealt, so it’s a particularly awkward situation for her, and young Tommen as well, so she’s just trying to befriend the kid

This is very intriguing because I completely understand how this could be awkward and not just for the characters. Natalie Dormer is actually thirty-two years old where her young counterpart, Dean-Charles Chapman, is only seventeen. That is quite the age difference for the actors but if I hadn’t had looked that up, I would have never guessed Dormer was that age…she looks much younger. Wonder what her secret is. As far as that goes, in the article, Dormer does specify that it is awkward at times to get direction on how to go about filming these scenes because Chapman is much younger.

How do you think Margaery and Tommen will plan out? I’ve heard some spoilers as to what happens with them but I won’t ruin it in case those spoilers were wrong or you haven’t read the books. I don’t know, though, I wish Margaery would leave poor Tommen alone…he is much too young and kind BUT every King needs a Queen hahaha….guess we will all see in season 5.

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