Season 4 Available for Pre-Order

Just in time for the holidays as well! According to Watchers on the Wall, Best Buy is currently accepting pre-orders for the much anticipated DVD release of Game of Thrones. 

The current release date for the DVD or Blu-Ray set has been set for February 17, 2015 but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a head start, right? Also, it seems that the Blu-Ray disc set is set to have a bonus disc with additional content yet the contents of that disc are still hidden.

The pre-order price is also discounted, offering $15.00 off MSRP which is currently set at $59.99 for Blu-Ray and $49.99 for DVD. So, basically, standard DVD release prices for television shows. However, has anyone noticed that the first three seasons are still close to $40 in stores? I know other shows that I watch, earlier seasons have deduced to $20 or less but not Game of Thrones. I bought the first season a few months ago and now I have to patiently wait for extra money to afford seasons 2 and 3 and now season 4. Hmmm, seems like a Christmas List addition, doesn’t it?

Also, Best Buy is currently offering special edition covers for the Blu-Ray version that vary from Tyrell, Lannister, Stark, Targaryen, and Martell or you can definitely just go basic (like I probably will because I don’t have a Blu-Ray) and get the basic cover which is the three-eyed raven.

Well, with that being said, head on over to Best Buy and pre-order your season 4 set! Also, you can check out the article HERE and check out some of the special edition covers before you make your decision.

What Moment Gets To You The Most?

Like I’ve posted numerous times before, I haven’t finished reading the books yet so I only have the show to go by. With that being said, I was scrolling through my RSS feed looking for new set photos and whatnot for you guys and I came across a post asking, ‘What moment got to you the most?’ What was funny about this was that I had no idea at first. Literally. The original poster said that the red wedding got to them the most and for very good reasons. >>I’ll post a link at the bottom for you to check out.<< But, for me, the red wedding was shocking (no doubt) but it didn’t make me burst into tears or freak out the way I have seen some people do….it just came as a really big shock that it actually happened. In fact, I think watching Robb’s wife die was more traumatic than Catelyn and Robb dying put together (but that’s just me).

The purple wedding got to me for obvious reasons. Watching your favorite character die not only gives you a sense of finality but you are really really upset about it. I’m going to miss him! -sigh-
However, another moment hit me twice as hard. Tyrion’s trial. Now that was an adventure! Not the good kind either. I found myself screaming at my computer (I livestream) because everyone was blatantly lying and it bugged the heck out of me. I’ll admit, Varys told the truth but in a way that screwed Tyrion over so I couldn’t get too mad but Cersei….and Shae…..oh man, I couldn’t control my anger. Cersei took everything that had happened or had been said and took it completely out of context and then there was Shae….I get it though. The position she was in was tough but it still hurt me so bad because Tyrion is one of my other favorite characters and watching her do that to him knowing how much he cared for her really hurt me. I was angry at first with her but I read other people’s opinions on the matter and I let it go. It made sense. Okay, I let it go up until the season finale when she openly attacked him…then I had no remorse for her. That struck me as odd. Did the Lannisters brainwash her? What happened? This was a cue for me to go and read the books (which I’m working on but I’m nowhere near there yet).

I don’t know, that is what bothered me the most. What about you guys? What moment got to you the most? What moment makes you tick? I’m really interested to know!

As promised, here is a link to the original poster explaining why the red wedding was so intense and you can even read other people’s as well! Enjoy!