Daenerys Targaryen Recreated by Fan for Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition was released in stores two weeks ago and it seems that one particular fan really needs Game of Thrones in their life! Inquisition allows players to fully customize their Inquisitor from basic elements such as skin and eye color all the way down to certain specific facial features such as how big a particular facial feature is. For example, one can easily adjust the lip and eye size according to preference.

Now, I actually pre-ordered Dragon Age: Inquisition and I’ve played the first two games as well and, in my opinion, the character customization is amazing! It’s always been one of my favorite parts of the game and Bioware really stepped up when it came to how much more one could do for Inquisition. Previously, it may have been difficult to recreate a fan-favorite television character but Imgur user kill3rewok has proven that it can officially be done with his/her flawless recreation of the Mother of Dragons herself, Daenerys Targaryen.

Below are some final in-game screenshots of the lovely Inquisitor herself!





Beautiful, isn’t it? Now, granted, Bioware doesn’t allow many different hairstyles, I feel that is one the one place they are lacking but realistically, what woman runs into battle with flowing, long hair? So, it does make sense. Therefore, this is why we don’t see the Mother of Dragons long platinum blonde hair.

So, what do you guys think? I think this user did a fantastic job and I hope he/she is having a fantastic time running around Thedas as Daenerys! You can definitely check out the full Imgur post HERE which provides over 40 screenshots of the creation process!

Daenerys Targaryen FanArt




“Do you know what it is like to be sold, squire? I do. My brother sold me to Khal Drogo for the promise of a golden crown. Well, Drogo crowned him in gold, though not as he had wished, and I…my sun-and-stars made a queen of me, but if he had been a different man, it might have been much otherwise. Do you think I have forgotten how it felt to be afraid?”


This originally appeared on my Tumblr dashboard but I later saw it appear again on RSS feed. The original poster was daenerysstormborn on Tumblr. I really wanted to share this with everyone because it is absolutely beautiful and really captures the essence of Daenerys!

Celebrating Good Times on the GoT Set


Filming in Spain is dwindling down to its final days but in recent news, it seems the production team surprised Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) with her very own ‘Mother of Dragons’ themed cake.

According to WiCNet:

A few tweets suggested it was “her name day” but we’re unclear if they mean the name day of the character she plays, or the name day of Clarke herself.

I do not believe they were celebrating the name day of Clarke herself because her actual name day falls on May 1 but as far as the character, I’m not entirely sure when her birthday is. Does anyone else? Are there any clues in the books?

WiCNet speculates:

The Most Precise ASOIAF Timeline In Existence puts it at May 5th. 

Not entirely sure if this is true but WiCNet did provide a source for this assumption so check it out HERE

Whatever the reason, this is absolutely so sweet of the production team and the cake looks fantastic and it’s just amazing! Check out some more photos below!


If you cannot read it, it says, ‘We fight and die for your honor, Oh glorious queen’

How sweet! Also, the Targaryen house sigil is a nice tough as well!

Anywho, you can check out the full article HERE.
Also, as a side note: All photos featured in this post come from the article listed above.

Hope you all enjoyed and, as always, Valar Morghulis!

Inside Daznak’s Pit

Filming continues in Osuna, Spain where the town’s bullring seems to be a major set for the upcoming season. Speculations have further concurred that the bullring could be the set for the infamous Daznak’s Pit. But, also surfacing from that area are a few photos of our lovely cast and, according to Watchers on the Wall, D&D are diverging from the books once again.

Check out these photos and I’ll see you after. We’ll speculate together 🙂




Now, I am not entirely sure what is going on in these photos as far as story line goes BUT there are a few characters that are sitting together that have not crossed paths until now.

Watchers on the Wall speculates:

The photos feature Daenerys, Hizdahr zo Loraq, Missandei, Daario Naharis, and Tyrion Lannister looking on as Jorah Mormont steps into the pit to take on several fighters.

I think we all pretty much gathered who everyone was but if you didn’t, now you know. But, this is where it gets interesting. Ready?

Watchers on the Wall further says:

In a surprising twist, Tyrion stands by Hizdahr in similar colors. Daenerys sits on Hizdahr’s other side, dressed in white. Can we take the new white gown as a hint that we’re seeing the celebration of Daenerys and Hizdahr’s marriage?

Hold on…hold on…back up. Marriage? When did it become clear she was getting married again? I thought after the Khal, there would be no one else. However, she did share her bed with Daario in season 4 but this Hizdahr guy seems to have come out of left field and now everyone is talking marriage? I mean, it is curious because Daenery’s signature color is blue and now she is wearing white? Tis very strange if you ask me. However, my biggest question is why is Jorah in the same area as Dany? I thought she banished him at the end of season 4. Did they cross paths again? Where is Ser Barristan? All of these questions and no answers! How much is everyone looking forward to season 5 now? I’m super excited! I cannot wait to find out what’s going on and Tyrion and Daenerys TOGETHER!? Oh my, this season will be epic!

Anywho, you can find the full article and more photos from the set HERE

Hope you enjoyed!