Two of the ‘Sand Sisters’ Completed Filming

Season 5 is almost upon us and most of the actors are wrapping up their final scenes. However, some are still filming those last tid-bit scenes but for two of the new Sand Sisters that will appear in season 5, it definitely is a wrap for them.

Keisha-Castle Hughes will portray the role of Obara Sand in the upcoming season. She is the eldest daughter to Oberyn Martell but she does not command the same respect as her sister Nymeria because her mother is a not a noble woman.

International Business Times explains:

Obara Sand is, however, a strong character, and readers may get to see her use her whip to good effect in “Game of Thrones” Season 5. The character is known for her quick temper and a warrior-like temperament. She does not believe in being diplomatic and makes her displeasure known about any issue immediately.

Well, she certainly sounds fun and I have a feeling I am really going to like her. As for Nymeria Sand, who is portrayed by Jessica Henwick, she is chosen to take her late father’s place at the small council in King’s Landing by Prince Doran.

International Business Times also explains:

According to the books, she is one of the characters most eager to exact revenge on the Lannisters for the death of her father, Oberyn Martell.

Seems like I will really like her too! Both actresses have completed filming for their characters and during their time, they traveled to three different countries. Keisha explained that she filmed for six months and flew for over 200 hours for the role while Jessica filmed for five months. There is also one more important Sand Snake sister but it appears she may still be filming.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I am super excited for Dorne! How does everyone else feel?

Also, you can check out the full article HERE!

Sand Snakes to appear in S5

In recent weeks, we have found out that Spain would be the filming location for Dorne and now we have received even more news of characters coming out of that location. After Oberyn Martell’s disturbing death last season, we are now being introduced to at least three of his daughters who are referred to as the Sand Snakes.

These characters are originally introduced in the Dance of Dragons novel and they are the illegitimate daughters of Oberyn. Also, just like the North uses ‘Snow’ to represent illegitimacy, Dorne uses ‘Sand’ for the same purpose.

According to International Business Times:

The Sand Snakes will be arriving on the scene in Season 5 as a result of their father’s death at the hands (very literally) of Gregor Clegane. In the books, the daughter’s urge Dorne to declare war in retribution for their father’s death, carrying out secret missions to advance their cause and agitating the people of Dorne. Some of them are eventually imprisoned for their warmongering. 

As is their right to be angry over the father’s death, but let’s face it, he did monologue a bit too much during that fight. I mean, did anyone else wish he would stop talking and just kill the mountain? I get that he wanted the Mountain to admit the injustice done to his sister but, goodness, I was freaking out.

Anywho, like stated, three of the daughters have already been cast.
Rosabell Laurenti Sellers will play Tyene Sand, Jessica Henwick will play Nymeria Sand, and Keisha Castle-Hughes will play Obara Sand.

So, what does everyone think? Excited for the Sand Snakes? I think three strong and fierce female characters will be fantastic!

Hope you enjoyed and you can check out the full article HERE

Jaime Lannister goes full Dornishman for Season 5

Don’t believe me? Take a look at this then….


Yep, this is our lovely Jaime Lannister who has spent the entire series either in a Kingsguard uniform or completely covered in mud so this is a new setup for everyone. There are still no clues as to why he is dressing as a Dornishman so it could be just to fit in because I’m sure every male in Dorne dresses as such or he has completely switched sides which would be interesting.

Also, in the article, we see more photos of Ellaria Sand and she looks FANTASTIC! So beautiful! We also have received the first photos of Alexander Siddig who will be playing Prince Dorian who is Oberyn’s older brother. I don’t know about you guys but I cannot wait to find out what he has to say about his brother’s death.

You can check out all of these photos by clicking HERE! I’m so excited for season 5 now! I love new sets and scenery and I cannot wait to find out what Jaime is doing in Dorne….it’s killing me! Ahhh!

Hope you enjoyed!


Dornish Characters have been Spotted!

Even though the Seville in Spain is still shut down for filming, fans touring the area have still managed to get pictures of the current and new cast members filming in that location. I’m not talking about blurry, far away photos either, I’m talking close, high quality photos and they are very nice.

In this article, we see photos of Ellaria Sand who has apparently returned to Dorne after her husbands death as well as photos of Myrcella Baratheon who no one has seen since season 2 and then there is her fiance, Prince Trystane who we also see.

Check them out below:




You can also glance at these photos over at the actual article along with some theories on the characters…especially Myrcella’s dress.

Really hope you enjoyed this! Season 5 is almost upon us and these photos look fantastic! What do you guys think?


New Information on Filming in Spain

As we’ve all heard in recent months, Game of Thrones will head to Spain to film for the location of Dorne. It seems like the perfect place for how Dorne is described, don’t you think?

According to El Pais:

Preparation has already begun for filming in Osuna, Spain at a bullfighting ring called appropriately enough Plaze de Toros beginning October 17th. 

500 extras are being fitted for slave costumes in Osuna and that a certain scene featuring Daenerys will involve over one thousand extras. 

Unnamed sources in the article have reported that Peter Dinklage will be arriving shortly so this would further cement the idea that Tyrion will be present at the Daznak Pit scene. 

Now, I’m not entirely sure what goes down at the Daznak Pit but I hear it’s intense and awesome at the exact same time. Please, no spoilers…I haven’t read all the books yet. The article also gives further insight to other locations and other filming possibilities. You can check it out here.

So, what does everyone think? Excited for Spain to become Dorne? I know I am!

The Dornish are Coming

Since Oberyn Martell’s oh so tragic death of GoT last season, fans knew it was a good possibility that Dorne would be featured in season 5. Now, if you’ve read the books, you know that is definitely true. I haven’t so I’m just waiting for more news haha.

However, according to WiCNet:

Starting on October 6th and running through to the 18th, sections of the grounds will be cut off to casual tourists, as the production finds itself in Dorne for the first time.

Now, when referring to ‘the grounds’, the article explains filming will be done in the Alcázar of Seville which is located in Spain. It is apparently a royal palace located in Seville, Spain. From the looks of it, it really is grand and beautiful. The article gives a few pictures of the location as well as ‘plans’ for filming (meaning areas that will be blocked off for filming).

Anywho, I hope you enjoy! I am so excited because the premiere gets closer and closer every day!

You can check out the article here!